Below is information on two common side effects of cancer treatment that can affect job performance.
"Chemo Brain"
Some people who have had chemotherapy find their work skills negatively affected. This mental fog is usually called "chemo brain," "cognitive dysfunction associated with chemotherapy" or "post-chemo brain." Symptoms include: memory lapses, problems remembering names, details or the spelling of common words, difficulty paying attention, inability to multitask as previously, inability to think as fast as one once did, difficulty remembering how to do tasks one once did easily. Chemo brain may continue after treatment and is made worse by stress and fatigue. Up to 30 percent of cancer patients who get chemotherapy may get chemo brain. If your employee has any of these symptoms, here are some things you can try:
By far, fatigue is the number one complaint you're likely to hear from employees after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Knowing the typical patterns of fatigue can help your employee schedule work and time off when needed. Fatigue from chemotherapy usually hits a day after the treatment, last for several days, and then starts to go away. Fatigue after radiation tends to add up – getting worse with each treatment. Here’s how you can support your employee in managing fatigue: